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16 - 21 April 2012
  • Tuesday Seniors SIG
  • Genealogy SIG
  • Web Design SIG

Microsoft Introduces the HomeOS

View it here...

How Secure are passwords?

Find out here...

John Lucke's Senior's SIG preview video can be seen here.

If you have difficulty viewing this video with Firefox, please try looking at it with Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Do you have an old 486 computer?

One that can be restored to working condition is wanted.

If you can help, please contact Warren Wyllie by telephone at 9904 7864. The computer can be collected and some sort of payment is offered.


Hi Robert,
You will find a copy of the Minutes of the club's Annual General Meeting attached to this e-mail.
At this year's Annual General Meeting, Warren Wyllie was appointed a Life Member of the club in recognition of the significant contribution he made during the time he was President and a committee member.
Warren worked to help the club during some particularly challenging periods and his effort was greatly appreciated by members.
The names of the new committee members are shown in the attached minutes.
Details of next week's meetings are below:
Tuesday 10 April - Programming -  N. Hoffman - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
At the March meeting Andrew discussed the use of batteries in long life low power applications.

Martin showed how he designs PCBs using XpressPCB.

Chris showed some of the ways he uses sugru, the air-curing silicon rubber from sugru.com. H
e also introduced us to the Parallax Propeller from parallax.com, the makers of the BASIC stamp microprocessor. With eight independent processors on a single chip, the Propeller offers a completely new approach to solving problems with microcontrollers. The eight 32-bit processors and a shared memory and system clock make possible true independent and cooperative simultaneous multi-tasking.  The need for additional support components is reduced due to its overall processing power and I/O capabilities, and its on-board video generation and easy connection to popular PC peripherals. The Propeller chip is programmable in object-based Spin language, low-level Assembly, or with a third-party C Compiler.
There will be some new microprocessor applications and programming examples shown at next Tuesday's meeting.
Friday 13 April - Seniors - Leader - 9:30am - 12:30pm
John Lucke intends to look at the Windows 7 backup facility at this meeting. 
John has inserted a short PC World video on the "Seniors Fri." page at the club's web site as a quick preview and overview of the topic. If time permits the club's computer will be backed-up at the meeting to demonstrate the facility.
Friday 13 April - Communications -  J. Lucke - 12:30pm - 3:30pm
John Lucke will look at some of the best free computer related newsletters and  RSS news-feeds on offer at this meeting.
Members will also have the opportunity to seek answers to any communications issues during a question and answer session.
John Mathews

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