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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER 16 - 21 January 2017

Hello and Welcome,

Meetings for This Week:

Tuesday Group - Tuesday 17th Jan - 9:30 am - 12 noon

Bob Backstrom will show a solution to the "Uh oh, I've just emailed something embarrassing to the whole office" problem.

Thunderbird has a way to set a delay (minutes, seconds or a specific time) before emails are actually sent. In the meantime, they go into the Draft folder and can be deleted there or be modified before re-sending.

On another topic, he has encountered a fatal problem when updating Windows 10 to the next "Insider Preview" version, Build 15002.

All went well (after an initial failed update giving "Reverting to previous version" and ending up with the old Build 14393). However, on a subsequent attempt, after all the "Preparing for Installation" and "Installing Updates 0%, 1% etc.) on the final re-boot it remains unresponsive at the Login screen. [ See bicycle rider on mountain slope ]

In other words, it is Totally Borked (a technical term).

The sad news is that over several years this has worked flawlessly (and, of course producing an Activated copy of Windows 10). But, after the free-period ended on July 29, 2016, all versions are now paid versions. On downloading a clean ISO file from the Insider Preview pages, it now produces a nagging Non-Activated copy.

Maybe a visit to the palatial Microsoft Store in Pitt Street might get these problems sorted.

By the way, all these versions are running under VMware Player (virtual machine software), so his underlying version of Windows 10 has not been harmed in this process.

Family History - Tuesday 17th Jan - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Terry Eakin will present Genealogy next Tuesday on the subject of World War I service records and volunteers' files. He will send out a paper afterwards to take some of the stress out of the session by preparing it beforehand.

Web Design - Saturday 21st Jan - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Steve South says, at the last Web Design meeting, the SIG looked at the W3 Schools own CSS file:


So, this month they will see how they can make practical use of the W3 CSS.

There are numerous templates and a case study creating a responsive site within the W3 site tutorial.

At the end of that meeting he briefly showed a small site that he had made by doing a bit of mix and match of elements from various templates and the SIG can have a look at how that worked.

Meetings next Week:

MAIN Meeting - Tuesday 24th Jan - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tech Tips:

Roger Foulds came across this link on the Fair trading Website:


Do we all know about its existence and actually use it?

He thinks that it is useful to help those in the SPCUG who are creating information especially for publishing on the Website.

Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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