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First, I'd like to apologise for not sending out an end-of-year message with Christmas Greetings late last year, but I would like to make up for that now.

2016 was a challenging year for many of us in many respects, so it should come as no surprise that many of us are hoping for a much better 2017!

That said, the Sydney PC User Group is faced with a major challenge this year, which revolves around the administrative aspect of the group - one which can affect the group's survival.

As is the case for many organisations and associations out there, a committee is required to operate legally. We need a Vice-President, we need a Treasurer and we need general committee members.

It is at this point that the pending retirement of three Committee members must be acknowledged and thanked: John Lucke, Dennis Campanella and Michael Smith.

John, Dennis and Michael have served the group admirably and honourably, and have been great assets to the group - their skills will be missed, and this only heightens the need to find volunteers to take on their roles - and is the reason why volunteers are needed.

It is an urgent situation - without appropriate committee members, the group will have no alternative but to disband, and given our group has a proud 33-year history of members helping members, it would be very sad to see the end of the group because members decided to stop helping themselves and each other.

At this year's AGM in February, I will be re-nominating for the position of President, and some of the existing committee members and position holders will be re-nominating, and for that, I am very grateful, and we should all be, too.

There are only four committee meetings per year, and the workload for most members is, compared to a traditional job or traditional board position, quite low.

Without your support, yes, you who are reading this message, the Sydney PC User Group may be no more.

If you are able, even if it is for just a year, please consider putting yourself forward for a committee member position.

This cannot be stressed highly enough. If you enjoy the presentations, the information, the camaraderie, the Q&As, the interesting news and sites, the raffle prizes and more, then we need your help!

Finally, there is one more matter.

Also of great importance are the proposed changes to the group's Constitution. When the agenda for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is emailed to you, I would greatly appreciate it if you would read it carefully, and in addition, attend the Tuesday 28 February Main Meeting, during which the AGM will take place.

Some of the changes to the Constitution are being imposed on the group by changes to NSW law, and need to be voted upon. We also propose changing the group's name to better reflect the breadth and depth of technologies we cover in addition to PCs - so please make an extra special effort to attend the AGM on Tuesday 28 February.

So, see you at next Tuesday's January main meeting, where we will discuss this some more in preparation for our Annual General Meeting in February.

Happy New Year!


Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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