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Hello and Welcome,

Meetings for This Week:

MAIN Meeting - Tuesday 23rd May - 5:30 pm - 8.00 pm

Special Announcement from Alex :-

Hello Sydney PC and Technology User Group Members!

I'm sorry to inform you that our guest presenter for this month, Tyler Harris from Armourcard, has very unfortunately had to cancel today for tomorrow's meeting due to illness. (details below)

However, this just means a different presentation, which will revolve around the announcements from last week's Google I/O conference (which showcased a great deal of advances, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence, machine learning and more), as well as other interesting new technologies, a wrap of the latest tech news and more - I will be sure to show you a range of incredible things that you'll enjoy seeing and learning about.

In addition, an Alcatel Idol 4S Android smartphone with Virtual Reality headset will be the raffle prize this month, if I can't find a couple of extra things to bring along, so we will still have a great presentation.

In addition, we will still see Tyler and Armourcard later this year, most likely in August.

We also have companies such as Samsung, NBN Co and Microsoft lined up for later this year. I will be updating the list of presentations at the Meetup list (and to Sydney PC & Tech User Group members) soon.

For those wondering what kind of illness would cause Tyler to cancel, here's part of his message to me from about an hour ago: [Ed: ~11:30 am]

"I'm going to have to cancel, I have had a rash on my neck for 5 days and trying everything to clear it, went to the doctor this morning its shingles (Chicken Pox) and was advised to not go into groups, near old people, babies and pregnant women as I'm contagious. I'm really sorry mate I thought it was just an allergic reaction to something and it would clear.

"Please offer my sincere apologies to the group and if there is space available later I am still very keen to come present."

So, given that this is a contagious illness, I'm glad Tyler has let us know and will be staying at home to recuperate!

If you're able, I urge you to still come along and check out one of our main meetings, as we'll still have a great time as always, and to check at our Meetup page and at our SydneyPC.com website over the next couple of weeks for details on future meetings.

Best regards,


Meetings Next Week:

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