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Hello and Welcome,

Meetings This Week:

Friday Forum - Friday 9th Jun - 9:30 am - 12 noon

Catherine Robb will be happy to share her on-going new NBN + Telstra nightmare. On Tv they're talking about trolls claiming to be the Tax office calling you. I've got ones from Telstra doing the same thing. They've even sent me a box not with all the parts in it & a wrong name, not my Telstra name on the box.

Thank God I use a different name when ordering goods on the internet. The NBN is still in the 1st stage - Planned, so no connection here & it's all a rental property. A new phone number & name coming up.

I'll see you on Friday, maybe. Catherine.

Catherine Robb

We have been trying for some time, without success, to upgrade the Club's Windows 10 version 1511 (2015, Nov).

The next major version is 1607 (2016, Jul), which is the Anniversary Update. This is the update that fails. It then reverts to the 1511 version.

Now might be a good time to do some serious Googling for help during the meeting.

We could try the phrase "windows 10 upgrade fails to install -creators" where we exclude the latest update, version 1703 or the Creators Update.

Here's one page from Microsoft Support that seems quite interesting.

It shows how to reset the Update Components, something that we haven't tried yet, but sounds promising.

Communications - Friday 9th Jun - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

If the above reset works, and the upgrade continues, we could hold a Q&A session while watching the progress screens.

Alternatively, we could use a member's laptop connected to the projector to toggle between the progress screens and any internet Q&A results.

Time permitting, other members should feel free to offer to demonstrate any other interesting Communications topics.

Meetings Next Week:

Programming - Tuesday 13th Jun - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Web Design - Saturday 17th Jun - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Tech Info for Clubs - May 2017

Hello ASCCA members,

Click the links below to view and download our latest Tech Info Newsletter, some new course notes and some other advice.

Tech Info for Clubs May 2017 — 2 PDF pages

Windows 10 Basics (1703 version) course notes — 25 PDF pages

Photos to Windows from Digital Camera course notes — 7 PDF pages

Notes on differences in the Windows Creators Update (1703) — 3 PDF pages

Advice on Updating from Windows XP — 3 PDF pages

Hope you find something here that you can use,


Mark Young — Technical Officer
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
Level LG, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
PH: 02 9286 3871

Google is offering another Age Engage Event in Sydney on 27 June 2017

This time it focuses on the Google Drive app as well as other activities, including One-on-One help.
There are only about 12 places available to ASCCA members. If you would like to be included, do not hesitate to reply to this email address.

Click the link below for the full details of the times and activities:
Google Age Engage Event - June 2017 — 1 PDF page

The event will be held at the same location as the last time. Go along Pirrama Road past the Casino to find Darling Island Road. Walk about 180m along it towards the harbour. The building has Fairfax on it and it is opposite the REVY building.

Because of the limited places, we will put requests in time order, so bookings will only be taken by email to this email address. Do not phone to book. Let us know your name, contact phone number and what kind of device you have. You may bring your own phone, tablet or laptop.

The Royal Edward Victualling Yard, or the REVY, was built between 1904 and 1912, servicing the Royal Australian Navy for over 100 years.


Mark Young — Technical Officer
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association

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Tech Tips:

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Bob Backstrom
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