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Hello and Welcome,

Another Lockout at SMSA:

ANOTHER LOCKOUT*, reported by e-mail from Web Design SIG Leader, Steve South:


"Every day-time meeting for the foreseeable future will be affected;
possibly including the Saturday Web Design SIG as well."

The Bad news; You missed a nice quiet day.
The Good News; We couldn't get into the room, any room.
I rang the out of hours number on the phone on the wall. It went to the Strata
manager's office, the recorded message directed me to another phone number.
I rang it on my mobile and left a message. They rang back and told me that
the rooms unlocked 15 minutes before the meeting. It didn't so I rang back
and left another message, by which time I had run out of credit and at
2:15 John Symonds and I went home.

So well organized.

Steve South

*That makes half a dozen times that this has happened over the last few years.

SIG Presentation:

See seven-page PDF file (attached) showing the presentation of Virtual Private Networks from the recent Tuesday Group, 15th August.

"In its simplest form a VPN is an encrypted link between your computer and a
remote server often in another country hosted by the VPN provider.

All your internet traffic passes through this link and then
enters the Internet from this server."

Tim Kelly

Meetings This Week:

Main Meeting - Tuesday 22nd Aug - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

I've secured Malwarebytes to come and give us a presentation in August.

They'll take the first presentation slot, and Armourcard is still coming as planned and will take the second slot.

Also per a request from a member, and a poll of the members present at the last main meeting, I will spend at least 10 or 15 minutes going through useful tips, tricks and apps for iPhones and Androids, which the members present seemed to think was a good idea.

So, August will be a jam-packed main meeting, and we'll have some great prizes — likely two licensed premium copies of Malwarebytes (which should work on three computers each), as well as one Armourcard card and one Armourcell card, both valued at $59.95 each, with licensed Malwarebytes copies worth around $100 each (for the 3-user license versions.)


Digital Photography - Friday 25th Aug - 9:30 am - 12 noon

More people, including me, are aquiring iPhones and iPads. I was wondering if there were apps that are able to control their cameras with much greater range of features than the inbuilt app.

Come along and discuss these and see what other such options are available in the Apple App Store.

There will also be the usual Q&A and other topics brought up by the members.

Roger Foulds

Meeting Next Week:

Penrith Group - Saturday 2nd Sep - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Tech Tips:

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Bob Backstrom
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