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Sydney Harbour

Hello and Welcome,

Meetings This Week:

Friday Forum - Friday 8th Dec - 9:30 am - 12 noon

No official agenda provided — looks like the usual Q&A and other discussions.

At lunch-time we will visit the Star Bar (600 George Street) for end-of-year meals and/or drinks. See attached PDF menu.

Communications - Friday 8th Dec - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

No official agenda provided — looks like the usual Q&A and other discussions.

Meetings Next Week:

Programming - Tuesday 12th Dec - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Web Design - Saturday 16th Dec - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Tech Tips:

Clicking the middle button:

Did you know that your mouse has a middle button? Yes, the mouse wheel is clickable.

But what does it do?

Try left-clicking any bookmark in IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera and the page opens in the current tab you have open!

If we want to keep both tabs open, we have to right-click and choose "Open link in new tab". Often we forget and then have to wait for the new page to appear (or interrupt it with the ESC key) then hit the back button and try again. What a waste.

Next time, just click the mouse wheel. New tab. Amazing.

The new browser, Vivaldi, does open in a new tab. Incredible.

Where's the touch-screen's middle button?

Sorry to all the touch-screen users out there, but there is no middle button on your devices. Oh, what a shame.

Some laptops do let you middle-click (with a three-finger tap). Good luck with that. All I get is to bring up Cortana!

Try hovering over a link. You can't. The manufacturers have completely forgotten about that little safety feature. Where will your next tap really take you?

Your Premium Trial expired:

This is the annoying popup used by Malwarebytes Free 3.3.1 to badger you into upgrading to the Premium (paid) version.

Whether you click on "I don't need real-time protection" or just hit the "X" close button, the result is the same. The popups keep coming hour-by-hour whether you reboot or not.

This behaviour negates all the goodwill the company has received over the years and provokes millions of loyal users to anger.

Just Google "malwarebytes stop the popups" and you'll get 150,000+ hits!

If you too have experienced this, please watch the 2:27 sec YouTube video entitled "Disable Annoying Malwarebytes Premium Subscription Popups" by www.schrock­innovations.com. Quoting from their video description:

"Malwarebytes is a great program for detecting and removing malware from your computer.

But now they want to be an antivirus company and their annoying popups are the bane of my existence.

Here's how to get rid of them".

In summary:

In Task Manager, locate Malwarebytes Tray Application in the list. Then hit "End Process" (Win 7) or "End Task" (Win 10). That will stop the hourly popups.

To stop this running after the next reboot, go to Task Manager | Startup and double-click the Malwarebytes entries so that their status is "disabled".


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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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