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Sydney Harbour

Hello and Welcome,


Last year's 6-month-long jack-hammering (next to my house in the suburbs) has resumed with a vengeance again today, Jan 13th.

So, how else could they dig out their huge swimming-pool from all that rock?

And, of course, there's always one ego-maniac builder in your street. I know I'm not the only sufferer.

Meetings This Week:

Tuesday Group - Tuesday 16th Jan - 9:30 am - 12 noon

The usual Q&A and other discussions.

Family History - Tuesday 16th Jan - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The usual Q&A and other discussions.

Web Design - Saturday 20th Jan - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

Saturday the 20th will be our first Web Design meeting for the year. This year I hope we will get a little more practical with hands-on work starting with re-developing our old web design site. I hope to cater for both beginners and those of us with more advanced skills.

This month we will start with some videos on basic html tags and see how they are grouped into categories such as structural or construction tags and content tags. We will then use those tags to create a basic template page for the web design site.

To round the afternoon off, I hope we will have a discussion on what members have been creating over the break.

Steve South
Web Design Group

Meetings Next Week:

(NONE) — Digital Photography resumes on Feb 23rd

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Tech Tips:

Microsoft's Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs:

Article from The Register, 8th Jan, 2018:

It gets worse: Microsoft's Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs.

KB4056892 is not your friend if you run an Athlon.

UPDATE Microsoft's fix for the Meltdown and Spectre bugs may be crocking AMD-powered PCs.

A lengthy thread on answers.microsoft.com records numerous instances in which Security Update for Windows KB4056892, Redmond's Meltdown/Spectre patch, leaves some AMD-powered PCs with the Windows 7 or 10 startup logo and not much more.

Users report Athlon-powered machines in perfect working order before the patch just don't work after it. The patch doesn't create a recovery point, so rollback is little use and the machines emerge from a patch in a state from which rollback is sometimes not accessible. Some say that even re-installing Windows 10 doesn't help matters. Others have been able to do so, only to have their machines quickly download and install the problematic patch all over again …

Those who have suffered from the putrid patch will therefore need to disable Windows Update as just about the first thing they do. Keeping the machine off networks seems a helpful precaution.

The Register cannot find a Microsoft response in the thread, a reasonable lack-of-reaction given many of the complaints accrued over the weekend.

AMD CPUs are immune to Meltdown but susceptible to Spectre, but the silver lining in that cloud has been dirtied by the patch problem. ®

UPDATE, January 10th: AMD's been in touch to say it is "… aware of an issue with some older generation processors following installation of a Microsoft security update that was published over the weekend. AMD and Microsoft have been working on an update to resolve the issue and expect it to begin rolling out again for those impacted shortly."

The Register

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Bob Backstrom
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