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Sydney Harbour

Hello and Welcome,

Special Announcement:

Hi Everyone

I retired in December 2017 but it appears the message has not been clearly understood.

I'll do something this month [ Dec 2017 ] but it is my last presentation to the group.

Terry Eakin


Meeting This Week:

Main Meeting - Tuesday Jan 23rd - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tuesday, January 23 Main Meeting is definitely ON!

A belated Welcome to 2018 is in order to all our wonderful Sydney PC and Technology User Group members!

2018 has started off with the annual CES or Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and I was lucky enough to go this year for the first time in my career, thanks to AMD for the first part of my trip, and Hisense for the second.

I'll be sharing some of the news, views, videos and more from CES 2018, in what was the biggest CES yet, and dominated by artificially intelligent digital assistants inside smart speakers, robots, TVs, consumer appliances, showers and plenty more.

I have some fantastic “Pop Sockets” for the main meeting raffle that are amazing for mobile phones and tablets, in addition to other prizes we can expect from our main meeting presenters, so as per usual, please do not miss our January main meeting, and if you can help it, don't miss any of them!

Before I announce the two presenters, I also want to stress something important: at our next AGM, we need one more committee member to join the board. I'll have more to say about this at the main meeting and in my President's Letter, but honestly, the workload is extremely low.

More on that tomorrow night.

1. Our first presenter is Andrew Paton-Smith, CEO and Founder of Jazoodle. This is an online service that links with the Xero accounting platform, and gives business owners, accountants and financial advisers a new level of insight into the vast amounts of data that a business generates.

Although many of our members are retired, people are connected, and this new online service can help a business make vastly better decisions while doing extremely easy-to-use modelling to see how changes in various aspects of cashflow, staff, suppliers and plenty more can affect how successful a business is, or otherwise.

Whether you're into business or not, the story behind Jazoodle's founding and how it could grow into the next major financial success story, on multiple levels, is going to be a very interesting presentation, and someone will win a year's worth of Jazoodle access, which would be an amazing gift to give to a family member or friend running any kind of business.

2. Our second presenter is Glenn Gibson, Fuji Xerox Printer's Product Marketing Manager. He will be happy to present on the new DocuPrint 315 series, a new range of scanners, and other topics of interest in the Fuji range.

Hopefully, Glenn will have either a printer or scanner for the raffle, which we'll find out tomorrow night, but either way, there will be some nice prizes no matter what, and a special gift - a cool gadget - from me, from Las Vegas, for every attendee, whether you buy a raffle ticket or not, and it's something you'll want, or want to give to a friend - and it'll be yours, totally free, as long as you turn up.

So, please come tomorrow night, from 5.30pm with our formal start as per usual at 6pm, and we will have a great night as we always do!

See you then, and here's to a fantastic new year to us all!

Best regards

Meeting Next Week:

Penrith Group - Saturday 3rd Feb - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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ASCCA Training Program - Designed for mature-aged people February, March, April 2018

Please find attached a 4-page PDF file outlining ASCCA's Training Program.

Roger Foulds

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Tech Tips:

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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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