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Hello and Welcome,

New Website Ready to Go:

Our Web-master Stephen South and his progressive group of web-design coders have been working recently on modernizing the club's website to work on any size screen: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or Smart TV™. Many thanks to John Lucke for coding and testing new features and uploading them to his own site for feedback by the Group.

The main change has been to replace the existing left and right-side menus containing page links with a modern horizontal navigation bar with drop-down links instead. This means that site navigation is now accessible just below our site banner on all pages and most importantly removes the clutter from the pages as well.

While many not as obvious changes have also been made, all have been thoroughly tested to meet the current web accessibility standards and to ensure that they display consistently on all devices from tiny mobile phones to large TVs.

It's just about ready to go live!

Please check out the changes on our test-bed site; give them a good workout on your different devices and if you like the changes, use the links provided on the Home page to let our Committee and Web-master know that you are ready for the upgrade.


Your CeBIT Conference Brochure:

Here is the CeBIT Australia conference program for 15-17 May 2018.

This year we have an outstanding speaker line-up across four conferences:

  • Big Data & Analytics (Tues 15 May)
  • Cloud (Weds 16 May)
  • eGovernment (Weds 16 May)
  • Cyber Security (Thurs 17 May)

Download the conference brochure.

We are offering flexible conference pass options, allowing for attendance on one, two or three days.

Register here.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Mortimer
Event Director

Meetings This Week:

Programming - Tuesday Mar 13th - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Come and show your projects, and see some others. We have a computer with a projector, so bring along picture files of your project and we'll project them on the wall. We have a broadband internet connection, so discussion can be wide ranging.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday March 13 at 6pm. We'll see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples.

Neville Hoffman

Web Design - Saturday Mar 17th - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

Our Web Design meeting is on Saturday the 17th of March. This month we will have a look at the ARIAs. No, not the Australian recording industry association awards but the Accessible Rich Internet Applications.

Web sites can be bright beautiful colourful places. They can have amazing effects and splendid images, if you can see them. WAI-ARIA is about gaining access to the web for all those who have problems seeing, hearing or touching. WAI stands for Web Access Initiative — it's the group that created the ARIA applications.

This month we will dive in to how we can use ARIA to make our web sites accessible to those who can't see to hover over a menu or can't read the details written on the page. For people with disabilities, accessing a computer can be made using such things as screen readers. The role of ARIA is to help web designers build sites that make access easier for those with disabilities.

See you all on Saturday the 17th.

Stephen W South

We'll also have the usual Q&A and other discussions.

Meeting Next Week:

Tuesday Group - Tuesday Mar 20th - 9:30 am - 12 noon

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Tech Info for ASCCA Clubs - March 2018

Hello ASCCA members,

Click the links below to view and download our latest Tech Info newsletter and some new course notes.

Tech Info for ASCCA Clubs March 2018

iPad and iPhone Basics (iOS9 to iOS11)

Last Supported System for iPad and iPhone

Hope you find something here that you can use,

Mark Young

ASCCA Pitt St Sydney Courses March April May 2018

Our courses for the next three months have now been released.

This year we are updating our course program every month.

For example, if you received the February course mail out, you would see that this March mail out has removed the February courses and added the May courses.

This year we have also introduced a new level of courses — courtesy of our new partnership with Tech Savvy Seniors (TSS), NSW Family and Community Services and Telstra. Look out for further TSS courses in future course programs throughout the year.

Click here to read or download the course program in PDF format.

Mark Young

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Tech Tips:

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Bob Backstrom
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