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Tech Tips:

Windows 10 Spring Update finally launches:

On Tuesday May 1st, Windows 10 version 1803 was ready to download onto my Windows 10 laptop.

It took the usual 3/4 hour and four reboots before it was ready.

The Weather and News apps each told me that Microsoft was changing the user agreement to something... I forget what.

One great new feature is Dictation. Hit the Windows Key + H to activate it when you're at an input field (either in Windows/Browser mode or at the Command Prompt). At the moment it understands only US English, so expect many errors.

If you pause more than FIVE seconds it stops listening. What? You then either have to click on the Microphone icon on the small control window at the top of the screen or hit Windows Key + H twice (once to end it and again to restart it)!

Another annoyance (there MUST be a fix) is that Dictation produces text from each phrase you speak but puts NO SPACES between phrases! It knows about spaces because it puts spaces between words. You can say "Type Enter" at the end of a line, but you can't say "Type Space".

The other great new feature is the Timeline. I was amazed to see that it knew about News items I had read back on April 23. Now, how on earth did Microsoft know about them unless it had been spying on us all along?

Many other features include fine control of audio output devices. For instance, you can direct audio from the speakers to your headphones without stopping and restarting the audio.

All in all the Spring Update version 1803 is a great new Windows 10.

We look forward to putting it on the Club's machine.


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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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