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Hello and Welcome,

Windows 10 version 1803 install a success:

We started the Friday Forum meeting with a "Check for updates" and there were three monthly ones waiting: a Cumulative Update, a Malicious Software Removal Tool and a Security Update — you know, the usual suspects.

After the reboot, we tried again and Wow, the message was "Updates are available. and • Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803" awaiting installation.

Then followed a screen with slowly increasing "percent progress" displayed. Finally it wanted to reboot.

The message was:

Important Updates are pending.

The newest Windows feature update is ready to install. We need you to kick it off. With new features and apps, this one could take a little longer than other updates.

Ready? Restart now. Not ready? Pick a time that works for you.

Then we had to click one of these buttons: "Pick a time" "Remind me later" or "Restart now".

We chose to restart now.

The install plus several automatic reboots took another hour or so (now into the Comms SIG), and after a small hiccup (rolling dots freezing and having to hit RESET on two occasions), the install finished successfully.

We wanted to test the new Dictation feature, but it said it couldn't find the "audio input device". Brilliant.

We did, however, demonstrate using a laptop with hilarious results. Not ready for the Bigtime. Especially the part where it stops listening if you even pause for five seconds. Don't use Dictation for serious input — yet.


Meetings This Week:

Tuesday Group - Tuesday May 15th - 9:30 am - 12 noon

More testing of the Windows 1803 features (including the new Timeline and Focus assist).

Plus the usual Q&A and other discussions.

Web Design - Saturday May 19th - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Our next Web Design meeting is next Saturday the 19th May.

This month I thought we could explore images and the web. Images are normally a set size. My Nikon saves files at 6000 X 4000 pixels, that's a large picture for the web.

We will have a look at the basics of getting an image on a web site using HTML. There are two main tags available, img and picture and we will see how they are used. We'll look at how to tell the browser where to find the image using src (source).

There are two major uses for images either as backgrounds or main illustrations and we can have a look at what we need to do to display our image in either format.

The other side of using images is style. We'll see how CSS can be used to change the size of an image depending on screen size. Using CSS we can make images responsive and see how we can get large images to work when someone opens your site on a mobile phone. What options are available? Do we need more than one image?

There are a number of videos on creating responsive images from a course I downloaded which we can have a look at.

See you next Saturday.

Steve South

Meetings Next Week:

Main Meeting - Tuesday May 22nd - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

May Main Meeting with nbn co, plus July special DAYTIME Main Meeting update with Microsoft

This month, our special guest presenter is Mariam Chizari, nbn™ local Manager NSW — Metro South.

Mariam will take both presentation slots on Tuesday 22 May, with the usual coffee break in between, to take a little longer to go through the exciting changes that have re-shaped the nbn co into an organisation building a better nbn for us all.

Mariam will go over the latest stats and figures on the nbn's progress, and will explain why the change has been made to introduce more FTTC or fibre-to-the-curb to the network, and will explain what FTTC is!

There's also the pay TV HFC network which has been "unfrozen", with work proceeding apace to get the HFC network upgraded.

Mariam will share some interesting recent customer videos and will be available to answer any additional questions you might have.

She'll update us on when various parts of Sydney will get nbn connectivity, and the challenges and successes nbn co has faced in getting to where it is today.

Mariam is a great presenter, and we're very lucky to have her come to give us an update on all good things nbn, so come along and learn about the latest and greatest developments at Australia's national broadband network company!

As you know, I'll be in the US when our next main meeting is on, but the meeting will be well served by our committee members in my stead, and we have Mariam to thank for what will be a really interesting presentation.

In June, we have Trend Micro coming to tell us about their latest news in the world of cyber security.

In July, our SPECIAL DAYTIME MAIN MEETING is on from 12.00 to 2.00pm. Please tell all your friends that are able to come.

Microsoft will be focusing on the brand new Windows 10 April Update, which is now available as a free download.

You will enjoy "new experiences that help minimise distractions and make the most of every moment by saving you time. Our hope is that you'll have more time to do what matters most to you whether that's to create, play, work, or simply do what you love".

New features include:

  • Timeline
  • Nearby Sharing
  • Focus Assist
  • New and Improved Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Ink
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • New features on Office 365

There will also be a Microsoft prize, billed as "Exclusive Microsoft swag" - so you don't want to miss this or any of our main meetings!

August and November are still being locked in and are close to finalising, with September to see Vodafone present, while Google and Telstra will be our special guests in October.

So, while I won't personally see you this month as I'll be in the US, we have the rest of the year lined up with excellent presenters, and I hope you'll come along and take part in all of the fun!

Cheers and best regards


Digital Photography - Friday May 25th - 9:30 am - 12 noon

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Tech Tips Rant:

Lost network after 1803 update

John Symonds found a lost network problem after updating to Windows 1803. A similar problem was aired online at †tenforums lost network after 1803 update.

To summarise the tenforums discussion:

One member, after updating two windows computers on the network to 1803, found that both gave this Windows Error message: "Windows cannot access \\XPS9100" when they talked happily to each other beforehand.

The error code was: 0x80070035 [ The network path was not found. ]

A VIP Member offers this advice: "First off you will need to check the NTFS permissions on the folder you are trying to share. Then make sure you have the folder set to be shared".

GREAT ADVICE. Why would these settings be changed by a Microsoft Update? Remember the connections were working.

No solution even if you use the direct IP address (such as \\

Then a deep discussion checking that certain Windows Services were currently running (Why would they have been changed?), making no dent on the problem at all.

Totally frustrating to the forum's Original Poster.

GOOD NEWS for John:

“While the solution did not work for the OP it solved my problem and the computers are now visible to each other with the original shared files and folders still shared.”


John S

What a relief!


†Windows 10 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. "Windows 10" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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