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Hello and Welcome,

Committee News:

Dear Members

This is the final notice to warn all members that the Main Meeting on Tuesday next 24 July will be a DAYTIME meeting 12 noon to 2pm.

The change of time has been extensively advertised, however the Committee is anxious that no member should overlook the change and arrive as usual at 6pm.

MAIN MEETING 12 noon to 2pm Tuesday SMSA Level 1 Woolley/Lawson Rooms

Presentation by MICROSOFT

Josephine Wiseman
Secretary SPCTUG

Meetings This Week:

Main Meeting - Tuesday Jul 24th - 12 noon - 2:00 pm

In July, our SPECIAL DAYTIME MAIN MEETING is on from 12.00 to 2.00pm. Please tell all your friends that are able to come.

Microsoft will be focusing on the brand new Windows 10 April Update, which is now available as a free download.

You will enjoy "new experiences that help minimise distractions and make the most of every moment by saving you time. Our hope is that you'll have more time to do what matters most to you whether that's to create, play, work, or simply do what you love".

New features include:

  • Timeline
  • Nearby Sharing
  • Focus Assist
  • New and Improved Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Ink
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • New features in Office 365

There will also be a Microsoft prize, billed as "Exclusive Microsoft swag" - so you don't want to miss this or any of our main meetings!


Digital Photography - Friday Jul 27th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

Roger Foulds will present the newest digital photography topics.

And, of course, there will be the usual Q&A and other discussions.

Meeting Next Week:

Penrith Group - Saturday Aug 4th - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Tech Tips:

The FINAL Version of Windows is Coming:

Or so says ThioJoe on his YouTube video.

Microsoft will modularise their diverse Operating Systems (for phones, PCs and XBOXes) producing a kernel called OneCore. This makes sense, replacing at least three teams working on various Windows versions.

So, instead of producing ever more features for Windows 10 (or 11, etc) they will just be incrementally updating Windows.

This unified OS will contain Phone Modules, Gaming Modules, Wi-Fi Modules etc. which can be combined to form the OS for the various Microsoft devices. In theory, you could assemble your own OS for completely different devices (including, say, Auto Modules for car navigation, for example).

[ Sounds like the way Linux Distros are built up. Linux now works on humble Raspberry Pis, ordinary PCs and †Supercomputers too. ]


†Linux totally dominates supercomputers:

It finally happened. Today, all 500 of the world's top 500 supercomputers are running Linux.

See the article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open Source | November 14, 2017 -- 20:04 GMT (07:04 AEDT) | Topic: Innovation

“Linux rules supercomputing. This day has been coming since 1998, when Linux first appeared on the TOP500 Supercomputer list. Today it finally happened: All 500 of the world's fastest supercomputers are running Linux.

The last two non-Linux systems, a pair of Chinese IBM POWER computers running AIX, dropped off the November 2017 TOP500 Supercomputer list.

Overall, China now leads the supercomputing race with 202 computers to the US' 144. China also leads the US in aggregate performance. China's supercomputers represent 35.4 percent of the Top500's flops, while the US trails with 29.6 percent.

With an anti-science regime in charge of the government, America will only continue to see its technological lead decline.”

[ Tough comment — Ed. ]

Chrome to become slower and use more memory:

Malware known as Meltdown and Spectre are to blame. A flaw in all computer CPUs which use "speculative execution" allows some malware to see data in memory used by another process. This means that user-names and passwords may be vulnerable to access by certain malware.

Unfortunately, CPUs operating without this feature will now be slower and use much more memory. Chrome, which runs each open Tab with a different thread, may have to use several threads if one Tab opens another web-page (say in a pop-up window for example). Not good news for "power" computer users.

See the INFOPACKETS article by John Lister on July, 18 2018 at 02:07PM EDT explaining this in greater detail.


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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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