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Hello and Welcome,

Meetings This Week:

Main Meeting - Tuesday Sep 25th - 5:30 pm (6:00 pm meeting start) - 8:00 pm

September 2018 Main Meeting featuring Vodafone

Our special guest this month is Megan Retka-Tidd, Head of The Vodafone Foundation.

As Meg will explain, "everyone has the power to do good".

For Meg, experience across the digital media, education, community and corporate sectors have given her the skills to innovate, collaborate, and create measurable, sustainable impact on issues that matter.

The Vodafone Foundation exists to make Australia healthier through technology. It's Meg's job to make that vision come to fruition, with support from the Foundation board, the business, and our strategic partnerships.

We are going to learn about two Vodafone Foundation initiatives, which are as follows:

DreamLab: By allowing the use of their smartphone on this award-winning app, users help speed up cancer research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. The end-goal of this research supported by DreamLab is to find safer and more effective treatments for cancer.

Hello Sunday Morning: we are supporting Hello Sunday Morning to help change Australia's relationship with alcohol.

Gerard Mansour is Vodafone's Head of Consumer Media Relations, and he will also present a slide that briefly covers Vodafone's new unlimited mobile phone and data plans and Vodafone NBN offerings, but that won't be the main feature of the presentation, and Gerard is doing it because I've suggested it's simply worth letting us know what Vodafone is doing in this regard.

There will also be two Genome Power Pack mobile phone batteries, valued at $49 each to be won in the raffle on the night, as well as the lucky door prize, Q&A, interesting tech news and more.

So, see you on Tuesday night!



Digital Photography - Friday Sep 28th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

Hear about all the newest digital photography topics.

And, of course, there will be the usual Q&A and other discussions.

Meetings Next Week:


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Tech Tips:

Microsoft Abandons Plan to Troll Windows 10 Users With Browser Warnings:

See the How-To Geek article by CHRIS HOFFMAN @chrisbhoffman SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2018.

“Hey Internet, we did it! After a good outpouring of rage and annoyance towards Microsoft, we've forced the Windows team to remove the messages "warning" you not to install Firefox or Chrome. They won't be in the October 2018 Update.

In a comment given to Ed Bott over at ZDNet, a Microsoft spokesman said:

"We've tested this functionality with Insiders only — The Windows Insider Program enables Microsoft to test different features, functionality and garner feedback before rolling out broadly. Customers remain in control and can choose the browser of their choice."

These warnings have vanished from the current Insider builds of Windows 10. They won't be in the final version of the October 2018 Update, which will likely be released at some point in the next few weeks.


Of course, the only reason this "test" was unsuccessful is because it enraged Windows 10 users more than usual. If this browser warning was just a feature that generated a normal amount of rage, like automatically installing Candy Crush Saga on Windows 10 Professional, Microsoft wouldn't have backed off.”

Read more

10 Free Programs You Need on Your New PC! 2018:

Referred by Jeff Garland: See the YouTube video by TechGumbo Published on Aug 17, 2018.

“These are 10 free programs for your new PC. You've got yourself a new computer and now it's time to go through the process of installing the programs that you need. Thanks to the various types of software including open source, freeware and many others, loading your new machine doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Whether you have a desktop or laptop computer, I will let you know the 10 free programs I'd recommend when setting up your new PC.”

Ed: TechGumbo covers free Microsoft Windows programs in the following categories: 1) Internet Browser, 2) Office Suite, 3) Media Player, 4) Image Editor, 5) Gaming, 6) PC Cleaner, 7) Torrent Client, 8) Security, 9) Text Editor, [ Cloud Storage ] and 10) Automated Installer.

They all sound very good choices, so check them out.

Watch video

Disk Cleanup is Going Away in Windows 10 and We Miss It Already:

See the How-To Geek article by CHRIS HOFFMAN @chrisbhoffman SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2018.

“Microsoft quietly announced that Disk Cleanup is now †deprecated, news that was buried at the bottom of a blog post about Windows 10's Storage Sense. Disk Cleanup isn't going away immediately but is on its way out the door.

†Disk Cleanup Deprecation

The Disk Cleanup experience ("cleanmgr.exe") is being deprecated. We're retaining the Disk Cleanup tool for compatibility reasons. There's no need to worry since Storage Sense's functionality is a superset of what the legacy Disk Cleanup provides!

Twenty Years of Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup deserves a better send-off than a tiny note at the end of a Microsoft blog post. We've been using Disk Cleanup for over 20 years since it debuted in Windows 98.

Whatever version of Windows you're using, Disk Cleanup has always worked the same way. Right-click a drive, select "Properties," and then click the "Disk Cleanup" button to launch it. It still works the same way on Windows 10 today. You can also just launch it from the Start menu or run the cleanmgr.exe program.

Disk Cleanup has gotten more and more useful over time. Whether it was removing a few hundred MB of temporary files on Windows XP or removing more than 10 GB of leftover files after installing a big update to Windows 10, it always worked well to free up the disk space we needed.

On a complicated operating system that kept adding new features over time, Disk Cleanup was always the one-stop location for freeing up disk space. We've been teaching people to use Disk Cleanup for years. It's been indispensable.

"Deprecated" Doesn't Mean Dead — Not Yet, At Least

Disk Cleanup isn't gone just yet. Microsoft says it will keep the utility around for compatibility reasons. In other words, Windows users are so accustomed to this tool that Microsoft can't get rid of it overnight.”

Read more

CCleaner Is Silently Updating Users Who Turned Off Automatic Updates:

See the How-To Geek article by JUSTIN POT @jhpot SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2018.

“CCleaner is forcing updates on users who specifically opt out of automatic updates. Users will only find out about these unwanted updates when they check the version number.

The change was noticed by a forum user last week. The unwanted update happens in the background, without the users' knowledge, and also results in Piriform gathering anonymized information about the user.

You might think this is a bug, because surely a company recently accused of not respecting user settings would never go out of its way to update software users who specifically choose not to get such updates. It's not a bug, though. Piriform confirmed the change was intentional in a response post:

"Since the release of v5.46 we have updated some users to this version to meet legal requirements and give users more autonomy and transparency over their privacy settings. This update has ensured that users are on a †GDPR-compliant version that includes the most up-to-date privacy settings available."

That's right: users who opted not to get updates were forced to update so they'd have access to better privacy settings. Those new settings, by the way, default to data collection. Here's Lawrence Abrams, writing for Bleeping Computer:

"To make matters worse, once the users were upgraded to the latest version, their privacy settings were reverted to default, which is to allow anonymous usage data to be sent to Avast/Piriform."

This really sounds like a company that respects privacy.”

†General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What you need to know to stay compliant — GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. Here's what every company that does business in Europe needs to know about GDPR.

Read more

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