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Sydney Harbour

Hello and Welcome,

Meetings This Week:

Programming - Tuesday Oct 9th - 5:30 pm (6:00 pm meeting start) - 8:00 pm

Come and show your projects, and see some others. We have a computer with a projector, so bring along picture files of your project and we'll project them on the wall. We have a broadband internet connection, so discussion can be wide ranging.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday October 9 at 6pm. We'll see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples.

Neville Hoffman

Friday Forum - Friday Oct 12th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

Here are some items from Josephine Wiseman:

I was wondering if we could look at some of the info in the Newsletters as not all members may have read or looked at them in full.

  • Clip from John Mathews of the 7:30 report about Chinese surveillance cameras,
  • Jeff Garland's "10 Free Programs", & "Getting Microsoft Office for Free", &
  • Video on Open Office.

Also I have some personal problems:-

  • Quicken corrupted, should I reinstall or buy a new Version? Are there any free money programs?
  • A message from Google re intrusion into the SPCUGDB site
  • Google Timeline
  • Loss of folders on installing October update
  • Notebook battery recall


We can try the October 2018 Update for Windows 10 (version 1809) on our computer. [ See scary file-deletion story, below. ]

My laptop update went smoothly, so there shouldn't be any surprises. That was after clicking many times on the "Check for updates" button and just getting the "You are up to date" message. Apparently I wasn't due for the auto-update yet.

I finally went to the Windows 10 update assistant and clicked on "Download tool now".

And, as usual, we'll have Q&A and other discussions.

Communications - Friday Oct 12th - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The usual Q&A and other discussions.

Meetings Next Week:

Tuesday Group - Tuesday Oct 16th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon
Web Design - Saturday Oct 20th - 1:30 pm (2:00 pm meeting start) - 4:00 pm

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ASCCA Pitt St Sydney Courses
October November December 2018:

Our courses for the next three months have now been released.

Click here to read or download the course program in PDF format.

Some people have reported that the above link does not work for them. If so, try this one.

Mark Young

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
Level LG, 280 Pitt St SYDNEY NSW 2000
(02) 9286 3871

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Tech Tips:

Bug in Windows 10's Latest Update Might Be Deleting Files, Back Up Your Data Now:

See How-To Geek article by JUSTIN POT @jhpot OCTOBER 4TH, 2018.

“Multiple Windows users are reporting the latest update is deleting documents. Consider backing up your data right now.

The Windows 10 October 2018 update is rolling out right now, but some users are reporting serious problems. Kevin Quintero reported losing documents on Twitter (via MS Power user):

Kevin Quintero @coolKevinator

Heads up to anyone updating windows. Apparently, if you have documents saved in your user directory, i.e. users/JohnDoe, and not one drive, the update will delete EVERYTHING in that location. So if your "Documents" or "Pictures" don't have a one drive symbol, MIGRATE IMMEDIATELY!

3:07 PM - Oct 4, 2018

Our main advice: back up your documents before updating any operating system. Windows' File History is a good option on the PC, but there are other backup options out there. There is always a chance of losing data during an OS update — that's true for PCs, Macs, and all phones.

That doesn't make this bug acceptable. It isn't. Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP, especially if they're going to push updates so aggressively. But backing up is a great way to protect yourself from losing data, so make sure you're doing that regardless.”

Read more

How to get rid of "ENG" from your Windows 10 taskbar:

I have ENG INTL (for English International) on my taskbar, letting me type accented letters like é in touché for example. You may have ENG or another language indicator.

However, they all take up space on the taskbar. You can always toggle between several keyboards, if you have more than one defined, by hitting the Windows-Key + spacebar, rather than clicking on ENG.

Here's how to turn it on or off:

Go to Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar then scroll down to Notification area. Find and click on "Turn system icons on or off". Then look for "Input indicator" (about the 5th entry down) and turn it OFF. This will hide the language indicator on the taskbar.

It used to be so much simpler via Control Panel in Windows 7 but there, the choices were better: "Floating on Desktop", "Docked in the taskbar" or "Hidden".


System Restore did not complete successfully:

I was trying to go back to a previous Restore Point and the cycling dots kept cycling and cycling...


Back to the beginning...

I had just installed the normal October monthly Windows 10 Updates on my Wi-Fi connected laptop. All went well and it rebooted normally. Then I noticed that it wasn't connected via Wi-Fi. The usual clicking Connect and Disconnect didn't help. My other machine, a Windows 7 desktop, connected correctly via direct ethernet cable to the modem and then to the internet, so I thought that the problem must have been caused by those pesky Windows 10 Updates.

System Restore to the rescue.

It found the Restore Point from before the Windows 10 Updates, so I said Restore. Cue the cycling dots... Don't interrupt it. Let it go for 30 minutes, one hour, then 90 minutes. This is ridiculous!

No monthly update problems were reported online via Google, so I thought I'd watch some YouTube maths videos on TV (as you do) while I waited for the laptop to finish restoring.

The smart TV couldn't connect via Wi-Fi either. Aha!, the penny drops; it's the modem/Wi-Fi after all. A quick reset and the TV was good to go.

NOW, the problem: Should I interrupt the cycling dots or not?

Summoning some courage, a quick power off and on and then we get this Windows message:

“System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed. You can try System Restore again and choose a different restore point. If you continue to see the error, you can try an advanced recovery method.”

Do we click [ Run System Restore ] or [ Close ]?

Quick, say Close!

Back to normal — what a relief.

Read more

Final thoughts: 1) Check the hardware first, 2) It's OK to interrupt loading a Restore Point and 3) Apologies to Microsoft.

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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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