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Hello and Welcome,

Committee News:

The Secretary is now calling for nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and notice of interest in the non-elected position of Membership Officer. The incoming Office-Bearers and ordinary committee members will take up their positions at the conclusion of the AGM to be held on 26 February 2019. The official nomination form is appended to this newsletter and can also be downloaded from the Group's website.

Note that current Office-Bearers will have completed their 3-year terms allowed by the Constitution but may nominate for another position than the position currently held including ordinary committee member. The four current ordinary committee members will not have completed 3 years.

Constitution: Clause 19. Election of committee members:

(1) Nominations of candidates for election as office-bearers of the association or as ordinary committee members:

  • (a) must be made in writing, signed by 2 members of the association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of the nomination), and

  • (b) must be delivered to the secretary of the association at least 7 days before the date fixed for the holding of the annual general meeting at which the election is to take place.

Josephine Wiseman
Secretary SPCTUG

PS: See attached file "Nomination form for elections 0119.docx" — Ed.


Friday Forum/Communications Meeting Reports:

Programming SIG

Firstly, many thanks to Steve OBrien who outlined the work of the Programming SIG and the interesting electronic gadgets you can build yourself (with some help from online tutorials and other material). See the Tech News story below for a mention of the famous Raspberry Pi micro-computer. See you at the Programming SIG next Tuesday night?

Windows 10

We tried clicking "Check for Updates" on our Windows 10 machine, hoping to upgrade to version 1809, then watched it go through several phases. The last time we checked, it had finished downloading and then started the install. That was over half an hour later. So far so good.

In the meantime to continue the meetings, we switched to using the Secretary's laptop via the projector and another member's iPad via the Apple TV (very handy to have).

Unfortunately at the end of the day, we saw that the installation had been unsuccessful and it had reverted to version 1803 with an error number on the "View update history" page).

More Microsoft bugs?

Sigh — Ed.

Meetings This Week:

Programming - Tuesday Feb 12th - 5:30 pm (6:00 pm meeting start) - 8:00 pm

GREAT NEWS ! The Sydney PC & Tech. User Group have agreed to fund a meeting room and bookings are now confirmed for the second Tuesday of each month throughout 2019.

Thanks to the Committee for supporting us!



Bring along your Electronics / Programming Project or technical issues for our 'informal but informative' presentations and discussion.

I propose to present a list of programming & technology podcasts from around the world and show a few of their recent programs and web pages.

We're also open to suggestions for future meetings — format and/or content etc. What are the interests of the group, what would we like to see more of?


Steve OBrien

Web Design - Saturday Feb 16th - 1:30 pm (2:00 pm meeting start) - 4:00 pm

Hi everyone,

Our Web design sig will be Saturday the 16th and this month I thought we would have a look at a course on designing a responsive Web Design. The course came with a little booklet and showed how to use a number of free programmes that help you design a layout and make it work over various screens.

Unfortunately my ASUS laptop has died, so most of the programs and the booklet are difficult to get to. I have purchased a new laptop on which I am typing this e-mail but I'm not sure if I will have recovered all I need by Saturday. I have the booklet and we should still have a good look at the three or four programs the course recommended.

Hope to see you all on Saturday.

Steve South

Meeting Next Week:

Tuesday Forum - Tuesday Feb 19th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

Meetings This Month:

 8 2019/02/02 - 14:00-17:00 - 02 Feb, Saturday - Penrith Group
 9 2019/02/08 - 09:30-12:30 - 08 Feb, Friday - Friday Forum
10 2019/02/08 - 12:30-15:30 - 08 Feb, Friday - Communications
11 2019/02/12 - 17:30-20:30 - 12 Feb, Tuesday - Programming
12 2019/02/16 - 13:30-16:30 - 16 Feb, Saturday - Web Design
13 2019/02/19 - 09:30-12:30 - 19 Feb, Tuesday - Tuesday Forum
14 2019/02/22 - 09:30-12:30 - 22 Feb, Friday - Digital Photography
15 2019/02/26 - 17:30-20:30 - 26 Feb, Tuesday - Main Meeting

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Tech News:

“Wish you hadn't said that? Facebook messages can now be unsent”:

See the TechRadar article by Harry Domanski 7 February 2019.

The social network now gives you 10 minutes to take it all back

We've been anticipating its arrival since November of last year, and now Facebook has finally begun rolling out an 'unsend' feature for its widely-used messaging service.

Whether you're using the dedicated Messenger app on iOS or Android or the browser-based version on the desktop, you are now able to delete a message from a regular conversation or group chat within 10 minutes of sending it.

On mobile devices, you can access the feature by tapping on a message in the app, which will now show a new 'remove' menu item. Selecting the latter will then display two further options: 'remove for you' and 'remove for everyone'. On the desktop, users will need to click on the three dots next to a message and hit 'remove', after which you'll get the same two options.

It's worth noting that once a message has been removed, everyone in the chat will be able to see a replacement message stating that "[person] removed a message" — meaning you may not quite be able to just switch off your verbal filter and say whatever comes to mind, whenever you want.

Read more

Do you believe it? AND showing the recipient(s) that 'you' have deleted a message! This must be a joke — Ed.

And another thing — How can you have an online chat/conversation with 10-minute delays? — Ed.


“Deal Alert: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Ultimate Starter Kit or Super Retro Gaming Kit for $70”:

See the reviewgeek article by ANDREW HEINZMAN @andrew_andrew__ FEBRUARY 8, 2019, 10:46AM EDT.

Have you been telling yourself to buy a Raspberry Pi for the past few years? Well, today might be the day that you actually do it.

Building a Raspberry Pi media center or retro gaming console can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing. You need to find the right parts, and often you can end up spending more than $100 for a project that should've been relatively cheap.

That's why starter kits are a great starting point for new Raspberry Pi builders. Starter kits tend to be inexpensive, and they can be a good way to source all of the parts that you need without too much work.

Right now, Woot is selling [ from the UK — Ed. ] a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Ultimate Starter Kit and a Super Retro Gaming Kit for $70 each. That's $20 off of an already inexpensive kit. Both kits come with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, a power supply, heat sinks, a 32GB Samsung SD card, an HDMI cable, and building instructions.

The Ultimate Starter Kit is geared toward novice programmers or people who want to build a tiny media center for their TV. It's packaged with a clear case, jumper wires, LEDs, ribbon cables, an ethernet port, and a dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN connector. Not to mention, it comes preloaded with NOOBS, an easy OS installer, so you can hit the ground running.

Read more

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Bob Backstrom
~ Newsletter Editor ~

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