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Hello and Welcome,

DAYTIME Main meetings:

Please note that in June, July and August 2019, the Main meetings will be daytime meetings, held in the afternoons after the morning Tuesday Forum meetings.

That makes them on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, not the 4th.

44 2019/06/18 - 09:30-12:30 - 18 Jun, Tuesday - Tuesday Forum
45 2019/06/18 - 12:30-15:30 - 18 Jun, Tuesday - Main Meeting - DAYTIME-MEETING

51 2019/07/16 - 09:30-12:30 - 16 Jul, Tuesday - Tuesday Forum
52 2019/07/16 - 12:30-15:30 - 16 Jul, Tuesday - Main Meeting - DAYTIME-MEETING

60 2019/08/20 - 09:30-12:30 - 20 Aug, Tuesday - Tuesday Forum
61 2019/08/20 - 12:30-15:30 - 20 Aug, Tuesday - Main Meeting - DAYTIME-MEETING

See the website Calendar for confirmation.


Meetings This Week:

Tuesday Forum - Tuesday Jun 18th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

The usual Q&A and other discussions. Any Windows 10 (version 1903) information welcome.

Main Meeting - Tuesday Jun 18th - 12:30 pm (1:00 pm meeting start) - 3:30 pm  -  DAYTIME-MEETING

Tuesday, June 18 2019 Main Meeting — WhistleOut!

Please remember, our Main Meeting this week is Tuesday, June 18, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm at the usual venue.

Our guest presenter this month is Kenny McGilvary from WhistleOut.

WhistleOut was founded in Australia in 2008 on the assumption that you shouldn't need to be a genius to get a great phone or internet plan. Despite how confusing this industry can be, WhistleOut knew that people just needed clear information to make a good decision.

Today, WhistleOut helps close to a million Aussies a month compare telecommunications products, like mobile phone, internet, tablet and pay TV plans.

The company's search tool is designed to deliver clear, easy to understand product comparisons in a way that lets you decide on what is best for you.

As an independent company, and while the major telco brands feature in our comparisons, WhistleOut isn't owned by any of the companies you see listed on its site.

Kenny will take us through the WhistleOut site and service, and will show you how it all works, and how you can save money.

WhistleOut is also a provider of top consumer technology news, and with any luck, one of their editors will find a prize for our raffle, but we'll only find out whether this is the case on the day, or not.

Either way, I'll be providing our President, Ron, with a presentation that will have links to some interesting new tech news and short videos to share, so you'll definitely be kept in the loop of the cool new things you need to know about.

I am personally unable to attend the meeting this month because I am helping mind a friend's shop in Canberra while they are overseas — it's a temporary job that happens on weekdays — so I just can't be there this month. Hopefully I will be back for next month's meeting.

In the meantime, you will definitely have great info to learn about and Kenny will put on a great presentation showing how you, your friends and family can really save some of your hard earned money when it comes to phone, internet, tablet and pay TV plans.

So, please do come along in support of our presenter, the group, the info you'll learn and more!

Have a great meeting!


Meeting Next Week:

Digital Photography - Friday Jun 28th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

Current & Upcoming Meetings:

39 2019/06/01 - 14:00-17:00 - 01 Jun, Saturday - Penrith Group
40 2019/06/11 - 17:30-20:30 - 11 Jun, Tuesday - Programming
41 2019/06/14 - 09:30-12:30 - 14 Jun, Friday - Friday Forum
42 2019/06/14 - 12:30-15:30 - 14 Jun, Friday - Communications
43 2019/06/15 - 13:30-16:30 - 15 Jun, Saturday - Web Design
44 2019/06/18 - 09:30-12:30 - 18 Jun, Tuesday - Tuesday Forum
45 2019/06/18 - 12:30-15:30 - 18 Jun, Tuesday - Main Meeting - DAYTIME-MEETING
46 2019/06/28 - 09:30-12:30 - 28 Jun, Friday - Digital Photography

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“ASCCA June 2019 Newsletter Available”:

Greetings all,

Winter has arrived with a vengeance and for many, knee rugs have become a fashion item!

This ASCCA newsletter takes you with SWADE NT to the COTA-NT 50 years Gold in the Territory Seniors Expo and other parts of the Northern Territory.

It introduces Digital Mentors: The Heart of the Digital Revolution, a forum for those concerned about the social and economic impact on Australians excluded from the digital world. It will be held in The Rocks, Sydney on 26 July, and is free for volunteers.

“Look, it worked!” Have you heard one of your students say something like that?

The North Midlands project has been running a successful Seniors Computer Club in Carnamah, WA. Read about it.

If you find that your data has been breached, what do you do?

Yes, there is another new club and this one is at Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory.

Stay warm,


Nan Bosler OAM

Empowering Australian seniors through technology

Level LG | 280 Pitt Street | Sydney | NSW | 2000
P: (02) 9286 3871 | W: www.ascca.org.au
E: office@ascca.org.au
FB: www.facebook.com/ASCCAau

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Tech News:

“Hardware Security Keys Keep Getting Recalled; Are They Safe?”:

See the How-To Geek article by CHRIS HOFFMAN | @chrisbhoffman | JUNE 14, 2019, 9:00AM EDT.

We recommend hardware security keys like Yubico's YubiKeys and Google's Titan Security Key. But both manufacturers have recently recalled keys due to hardware flaws, and that sounds a little worrying. What's the problem? Are these keys still safe?

What Are Hardware Security Keys?

Physical security keys like Google's Titan Security Key and Yubico's YubiKeys use the WebAuthn standard, the successor to U2F, to help protect your accounts. They function as another type of two-factor authentication: Rather than a code you type in, it's a physical security key you insert into a USB port — or it can communicate wirelessly via NFC (near-field communication) or Bluetooth.


Do We Still Recommend These Keys?

Despite the flaws and recalls, we do still recommend physical security keys. Yubico experienced an issue with randomness in one line of products specifically for the government and replaced it. Google ran into trouble with Bluetooth, but even that problem could only be exploited by attackers within 30 feet of you. Even a flawed Bluetooth Titan key definitely protected you from remote attackers.

Read more »

“Samsung to announce Galaxy Fold re-launch details 'in the coming weeks'”:

See the 9TO5Google article by Ben Schoon - Jun. 10th 2019 8:50 am PT | @NexusBen.

The trouble surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a mess for the company. Now, as we near two months since issues first started popping up, Samsung says that we can expect Galaxy Fold re-launch details "in the coming weeks."

Speaking to CNET, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the company hasn't given up on the Galaxy Fold and that we can expect an announcement on the re-launch "in the coming weeks." This comes roughly 45 days after the company delayed the device with no confirmed timeline for when it would finally make its debut.

Samsung hasn't given up on the Galaxy Fold, even 45 days after its first foldable phone was planned to go on sale in the US on April 26. A Samsung spokesperson affirmed to CNET in an email, "We will announce timing in the coming weeks."

Notably, this statement comes almost exactly a month after Samsung's CEO DJ Koh said that the re-launch date for the Galaxy Fold would be decided that week. Clearly, plans changed there. In the time since, reports have said that the Galaxy Fold won't arrive until at least July. Further, Best Buy has canceled all pre-orders for the device, and reports have pinned down what Samsung is changing to improve the hardware. Meanwhile, the company still hasn't sent anything to customers on the matter.

Read more »

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