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Hello and Welcome,

Message from our President, Ron Ferguson:

Dear Members

With the current Coronavirus issue spreading within our community and the limitations it is imposing on group meetings, your SPCTUG Committee has decided to cancel all of our meetings for our Sydney PC and Technology Users Group until the 3rd April 2020 at this stage. This will include our AGM scheduled for 24 March 2020.

The only exception to this request is that the meeting proposed for Saturday 21 March 2020, the SPCUG — Web Design (2pm to 4pm) meeting, will still go ahead.

We will review this matter before this end date and get back in touch with you again, however we may have to extend the cancellations for our Group meetings even further to the end of April.


Ronald Ferguson


Meetings This Week:

Tuesday Forum - Tuesday Mar 17th - 9:30 am (10:00 am meeting start) - 12 noon

[ Meeting cancelled until further notice. ]

Web Design - Saturday Mar 21st - 1:30 pm (2:00 pm meeting start) - 4:00 pm

[ This meeting will go ahead as planned. ]

Hi everyone;

Saturday the 21st is our Web Design meeting.

This month I thought we could look at cPanel. If you have a website, chances are you can manage your site with cPanel. Using this site management tool you'll have access to file management like creating directories and monitoring disk usage. cPanel allows you to control FTP accounts to allow others to download files. You can create e-mail accounts and browse your accounts on the server. You can also manage your domain names. As an example, you can, depending on your package create and configure subdomains. They are those sites that look like this "sydneypc.com/webdesignsig/". [ Or like "webdesignsig.sydneypc.com" — Ed. ]

cPanel allows you to create databases, as well as manage software like PHP code. Most cPanels give you access to and easy installation of programs like contact files or image libraries. Another feature of cPanel is git version control which allows you to manage the changes to files. We looked at that last month.

So let's see what use we can make of cPanel this month.

See you all on the 21st.

Steve South

Meetings Next Week:

AGM + Main Meeting - Tuesday Mar 24th - 5:30 pm (6:00 pm meeting start) - 8:00 pm

[ Both meetings cancelled until further notice. ]

Current & Upcoming Meetings:

15 2020/03/07 — 14:00-17:00 — 07 Mar, Saturday — Penrith Group
16 2020/03/10 — 17:30-20:30 — 10 Mar, Tuesday — Programming SIG, L1 Woolley Room
17 2020/03/13 — 09:30-12:30 — 13 Mar, Friday — Friday Forum, L1 Woolley Room
18 2020/03/13 — 12:30-15:30 — 13 Mar, Friday — Communications, L1 Woolley Room
19 2020/03/17 — 09:30-12:30 — 17 Mar, Tuesday — Tuesday Forum, L1 Woolley Room
20 2020/03/21 — 13:30-16:30 — 21 Mar, Saturday — Web Design, L1 Woolley Room
21 2020/03/24 — 17:30-20:30 — 24 Mar, Tuesday — AGM + Main Meeting, L1 Carmichael Room

23 2020/04/04 — 14:00-17:00 — 04 Apr, Saturday — Penrith Group


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