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Hello and Welcome,

“April Main Meeting and Using Zoom to connect to the Sydney PC and Technology User Group”:

Hi everyone,

I hope you'll be able to join the Sydney PC and Technology User Group Main Meeting this evening!

Our special guest is Derek Austin from Nuance, the company famous for creating the Dragon Dictation voice recognition software, and which has branched out into many areas surrounding voice for apps and devices, for consumers and businesses, into the world of artificial intelligence, customer services and biometric identification and fraud prevention.

Derek will start at 6.30pm and his topic is:



Derek's career spans the history of personal computing, the Internet, mobile computing and cloud computing. Drawing on this experience, Derek will speculate on what the next 10 years has in store for personal computing and personal productivity.

What hardware will we have? What software will we be using? What will the Internet be like? And, most importantly, will we be more productive through technology, or will we just have better ways to entertain ourselves?

After the talk, there will be an open forum to get the views of the User Group.

Derek has over 30 years' experience in the IT industry starting in technical roles before moving to sales, marketing and management.

He has been with Nuance, the leading speech technology company, for 15 years.


Our meeting will be on from 6.00pm to 7.00pm, although I'll be opening the online meeting room at 5.30pm to give people a chance to log in and be ready, and to smooth out any teething problems.

If you have Zoom, here is the meeting ID and the password:


The password is 307912

NOTE: Zoom launched a new version 5.0 TODAY. Full account creation and download steps are below - it looks like a lot but it's really quite easy.

If you already have an earlier version of Zoom, you can upgrade to Zoom 5.0 easily. Start the Zoom app and in the top right hand corner you'll see a box with your initials. Click on this box and a menu will drop down. From this menu click on "Check for Updates".

Remember, you can also download the Zoom app on your iPhone, iPad or Android and join that way too.


1. Go to www.zoom.us in your browser.

2. In the top right hand corner, it says "Sign up, it's free" in an orange button.

3. You'll need to complete the verification, which is your date of birth. It says the information "won't be stored", so presumably you can put any date of birth, just as long as you're over 18, but I used my real birth date.

4. You're then asked to enter your "work" email address, but this would just be your regular email address.

5. Once you've entered your address and clicked the "sign up" button, you'll receive a link in your email address.

6. Go to your email and you'll find an email from Zoom, inside which there is a big blue "Activate Account" button. Click it (or copy and paste the link in your email into your browser).

7. When you click the link, you'll be taken to a page on Zoom that asks if you are signing up on behalf of a school. Click the button next to No and then click the Continue button, which will light up in blue after you have made your selection.

8. You're then taken to a page stating "Welcome to Zoom". It will show your email address with ***'s to hide some if it, and it will say Hi "your***@email***.com. Your account has been successfully created. Please list your name and create a password to continue".

You'll need to enter your password twice as per usual, it needs 8 characters, at least one letter, at least one number, and include both upper and lower case characters. A symbol is some kind like $ or # or !, etc, is recommended. Click the "Continue button" when finished.

9. You will be asked to invite colleagues, but you can click on "skip this step" at the bottom.

10. You can then "start a test meeting" and you are given a personal meeting URL, with an orange "Start Meeting Now" button in orange, but what you need to do here is to click on "Go to My Account" which is to the right of the "Start Meeting Now" button.

11. You will be taken to your account page on Zoom. The top of the screen will have three notices in green, the first of which talks about a new release going live and a link to the download page. That link is http://www.zoom.us/download.

12. Go to the download page and click on the blue Download button, which at time of publication is going to download Zoom 5.0.0 (23168.0427).

13. The file will start download as per usual. Depending on your browser you will need to click save, otherwise in Chrome it just starts downloading in the bottom left hand corner, and in a minute or so, the download is complete. Click the finished download to open the Zoom installer.

14. The Zoom installer will open and start running, which will take about a minute. When this is complete, a Zoom box appears on the screen. It has two options, Join a Meeting or "Sign In". Click on Sign in.

15. Enter the email address that you provided and enter the password that you chose before and click "Sign in".

16. Please note, you must be an authenticated Zoom user with a username and password to be able to join the meetings. It is possible to set up meetings without this requirement but this step makes our meetings more secure.

16. Now you can click on this Zoom meeting invite:


17. Your browser will open and you may see a message saying "This site is trying to open Zoom Meetings". If so, click Open.

18. You will be asked to enter the meeting password. The password is 307912, enter that and click "Join Meeting".

19. If you join early, before I am there, you will see a box called "Please wait for the host to start this meeting", and a notification the meeting starts at 5.30pm.

20. Once I have started the meeting, or if you join after I have started the meeting, you'll be taken to a waiting room.

21. You'll see a box that says "Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon".

22. Once I admit you in, you will see a box that says "Join with Computer Audio" in blue, please click this. You can also tick a button at the bottom of this box that states "Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting".

23. You will then see a box with meeting details - the topic, the host, the password, the invitation URL. If you move the mouse, you will see a black bar at the bottom of this box appear, which has "unmute" in the bottom left hand corner, as well as "start video" to the right of that button.

24. To the right of the "Start Video" button is an up arrow. If you click on that, a menu pops up. Here you can choose which camera you want to use, in case you have more than one, but you can also click on "Choose a Virtual Background" - and there are a handful of virtual backgrounds you can choose which hide the background of the room you're in.

25. For most of the meeting, you should stay on mute and keep your video off, to allow the presenter to speak without interruption.

26. You can double click on the video of the speaker to make it full screen. If you do, you can move the mouse and see the bar at the bottom of the screen, where you can click on the chat button, for a group chat.

If you don't have the video set to full screen, the chat window is on the right hand side. Here you can ask questions, or you can ask to turn your microphone and camera on so we can see you asking a question, however we might try to stick with written questions.

It's an experiment so we can do whatever we want and in short order, we'll all be Zoom experts.

27. When the meeting is over, you can move the mouse, the black bar at the bottom of the screen will appear, and you can click on "End". The meeting will also end once the meeting host ends the meeting.

See you at the meeting tonight!



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