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Sydney Harbour

Hello and Welcome,

Cancellation of February 2021 bookings

Venue & Building Services Coordinator
SMSA (Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts)
280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Kylie,

Due to the continuing personal restriction issues with COVID-19, I would appreciate it if you could cancel our Club's room bookings with SMSA for all of February 2021.

I will get back to you before the end of February to confirm our room bookings for March 2021 and beyond.


Ron Ferguson,

Prospects for the rest of 2021, OR:

Be Prepared to Stay at Home in 2021 — even if you don't want to.

There is a guest article in iTWire by Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber | Thursday, 21 January 2021 09:51 am.

In this article, he quotes the Australian Federal Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly:

Guest Opinion: It's not often that the telecommunications and IT industry take their lead from medical experts, but we would do well to take careful note of the prediction made recently by Australian Federal Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly.

In a sobering assessment, Professor Kelly warned that it was likely to be the second half of the year before federal and state governments started to ease health and border restrictions. Given the high probability of continued periodic outbreaks in the country, this means business and technology leaders need to recalibrate their thinking that there will be a rapid return to pre-COVID work norms without the need for a plan to manage on-going disruption.

It's positive we are on the verge of the deployment in Australia of COVID-19 vaccines. Despite this, the reality is that an immediate, economy-wide "return to offices" is unlikely in 2021 requiring short-term measures in place in 2020 to be more rigorously formalised for the long-run.

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Calling Peter Moore

This week we received $40 credit into our account for a new membership.

The name given was Peter Moore, but we have no e-mail or other contact information.

If you know this new Member, can you contact the Club via website@sydneypc.com?

Please also use this e-mail address to request updates to any of your membership details.


— Ed.

Meetings This Week


Meetings Next Week


Current & Upcoming Virtual Meetings

 4 2021/01/12 — 17:30-20:30 — 12 Jan, Tue — Programming, via Jitsi
 5 2021/01/16 — 13:30-16:30 — 16 Jan, Sat — Web Design, via Zoom
 7 2021/01/22 — 09:30-12:30 — 22 Jan, Fri — Digital Photography, via Zoom
 9 2021/02/09 — 17:30-20:30 — 09 Feb, Tue — Programming, via Jitsi
13 2021/02/20 — 13:30-16:30 — 20 Feb, Sat — Web Design, via Zoom
14 2021/02/23 — 17:30-20:30 — 23 Feb, Tue — MAIN Meeting, via Zoom
15 2021/02/26 — 09:30-12:30 — 26 Feb, Fri — Digital Photography, via Zoom


Tech News:

Windows 10X: A closer look at Microsoft's new operating system

See the Bleeping Computer article by Mayank Parmar January 17, 2021, 03:41 pm.

Windows 10X was announced way back in 2019, and it's finally launching later this year on a new range of 2-in-1s/notebooks from Microsoft partners. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 10X would be simple, sleek, faster, and more secure.

For those unfamiliar, Windows 10X was initially designed for dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, and Intel prototypes. In 2020, Microsoft said that the plans have changed and the operating system will first debut on single-screen devices in 2021.

Reports have suggested that Windows 10X will now launch in the Spring of 2021 and we've finally managed to get our first look, thanks to the leaked build.

Start Menu

Unlike Windows 10 or Windows 8, Windows 10X doesn't come with traditional live tiles. Windows 10X uses ChromeOS like static icons for Microsoft Store apps and Microsoft Edge-powered Progressive Web Apps in the leaked build.

This shows the Windows 10X Start Menu.

By default, the Start Menu will include shortcuts to popular apps and services like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge, and Settings. Start Menu will show apps and websites only, and you won't be able to group apps to create a folder. You can right-click on any icon to access the app's settings and pin it to the taskbar.

In addition to the Start Menu, there's also a new centre-aligned taskbar with three different sizes-small, medium and large. The small size is aimed at desktops with mouse support, and medium or large size appears to be very touch-friendly.

Action Centre

Action Centre is also getting a new look in Windows 10X. As you can see in the below screenshot, Windows 10X comes with a floating Action Centre, including the taskbar's system tray.

This shows the Windows 10X Action Centre.

Unlike Windows 10, Action Centre in Windows 10X emphasises quick actions, which means the notifications area won't be visible all of the time and Action Centre won't cover your full screen.

The new Action Centre also comes with new volume controls, power options, and battery percentage.

Settings and Updates

In Windows 10X, Microsoft has completely removed the Control Panel, and the same Windows 10 Settings app is offered. Using the Settings app, you can customize the Action Centre, change the desktop wallpaper, enable transparency effect for the taskbar, and more.

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Wikipedia started as an ambitious idea.

See the 20th birthday of the Wikipedia Foundation.

Wikipedia started on Jan 15, 2000.

…to create a free encyclopedia, written by volunteers, for everyone in the world. It seemed impossible.

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content and providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public.

Over 20 years, Wikipedia has become the most extensive collection of open knowledge in history. How did it happen? People like you.

Made and sustained by humans.

Meet the movement.

For Wikipedia's 20th birthday, we celebrate the power of human collaboration, creativity, and curiosity.

We are celebrating the humans, our volunteers and supporters, who make Wikipedia possible.

Volunteers around the world are contributing every minute.

Over 280,000 people edit Wikipedia every month.

If you read or donate to Wikipedia, you are part of a global movement of volunteers, projects, and campaigns contributing to free knowledge worldwide.

13 Wikimedia projects.

179 Wikimedia movement affiliates.

Dozens of global campaigns.

Supported by one global non-profit.

Key moments in Wikipedia's history.

The first edit.

Thanks to the power of human imagination, on January 15, 2000, Wikipedia is born.

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Fun Facts:

Telepresence robot keeps man connected to the family during lockdown.

See the iTWire article by Sam Varghese Tuesday, 19 January 2021 09:28 am.

One resident of a retirement village in Wollongong has been testing out a robot as a means of telepresence in his home during the pandemic.

The Telepresence Robot looking out the window.

[ You, too, can have a giant flamingo standing outside your building — Ed. ]

David Robson, a resident of IRT Links Seaside Wollongong, was provided with a robot by the Canberra-based Robots 4 Good to test how the device could help overcome social isolation and home care access during the lockdown.

The robot can be used to conduct care plan and budget reviews remotely, carry out a daily wellness check and, in future, could also take on the tasks of monitoring vitals and wound care.

Robson has named the robot Bluey and hosted it in his home since August last year.

His son, Peter, has been able to securely access the robot remotely and spend time with him and check on his welfare.

"Dad has been really stoked to have the robot. We've had a lot of fun with it. It follows him around his home and out onto the balcony where I can see Dad's view. It's like having a window that looks right into Dad's world," Peter said.

IRT Group executive general manager of Home Care, Ross Gallagher, said: "If you want to see what the future of ageing in place looks like, telepresence robots could well be part of it".

"The robot has applications from a social connectivity perspective and a caring perspective. We're really excited about it".

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